Pentax K3iii Monochrome

Pentax K3iii Monochrome

Pentax's brand new mono only camera

In March 2023...

…I was delighted to be asked by Pentax to put the K3iii Monochrome through its paces for 2 weeks pre launch.

I loved it. As a creative landscape photographer, the possibilities that a Monochrome camera invites are infinite.

As well as being a photographer, I’m also an actor, and in the theatre we talk often of the creative possibilities of clearly defined limits.  Many of the finest theatre productions I’ve ever seen were made within deliberately defined boundaries, where ingenuity and imagination become the most important ingredients.

As a creative photographer…

…the multiple exposure engine is wonderful to use: an infinite number of frames blendable in camera into one image, and as with the K3iii before it, options to use/discard every frame as you go.

But the main feature of this camera is obviously the Monochrome. As a landscape photographer I’m used to shooting in black and white, and have often done so for specific projects.  But ONLY being able to shoot in black and white really stimulates the mind.  It invites the photographer to concentrate on line, shape and form. It emphasises the essential structure of a subject, its bare bones, and encourages you to make a deeper connection with it, a journey beyond the superficial colour on the surface, and explore what really makes it tick.

For more info, do drop by the product page on the Pentax website.