Harris and Lewis 2020


Perpetual Motion

A study in movement

Derby Arena

One of the many advantages of my day job is the breadth of the experiences it affords you. 

Over Christmas and New Year 2019/20, I was lucky enough to spend 6 weeks on the inside of Derby Arena.  I spent most of the afternoons and evenings wearing a big hat snarling at fairies. 

Which left the mornings free for photographic exploration.

It’s the Noise…

… that hits you first.  Then the wind.  The low hum of rubber being squeezed onto polished wood, followed by the air being displaced, 4 feet away from your face, at 50 miles an hour.  It’s vital, visceral, and hugely impressive.

Huge thanks to Simon Reavill and all at Derby Arena for welcoming me trackside.  And to all the cyclists involved for their extraordinary speed and skill.