Carnival of the Grotesques


Carnival of the Grotesques

Worlds within worlds

Victoria Park, Bristol


There’s a log in our local park that our kids play on. A couple of years ago, I happened to take a closer look at it, and was very surprised to see all sorts of dark and murky worlds in miniature. I decided to do a long form photographic project on it, so over the last 2 years have been back on a number of occasions, in varying seasons, and weather conditions. This is a selection from this project, which remains ongoing. The subjects themselves are no more than an inch or so across: in some ways I suppose you could describe it as a Macro project, but I prefer to think of it as Micro Landscape Photography project, due to the various worlds and creatures contained within.

Tucked Away…

… in the shadows of the woodgrain, there lurk a whole host of creatures and apparitions, hewn out of the decaying woodgrain by the wind, rain, and old father time, like the last surviving exhibits from a long forgotten Victorian Carnival.