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Hello and welcome to my brand spanking new website.  I’ve felt for a while that I needed something a bit brighter, cleaner and clearer to display my work, so hope you enjoy it. Welcome also to my brand spanking new web address www.billwardphotography.co.uk… Thought it was about time that me and my pictures were called the same thing… my old web address of www.thingsthatihaveseen.com will still work, but this is where it will take you… Massive thanks to Matt and everyone at webdesigners Vonza Digital for their expertise, patience, hard work and know how in designing and building the site, and generally making it all happen.  We’ve tried very hard to get everything working as it should over the last couple of months, but if you do come across anything weird do give me a shout via the contact form.  Also any other thoughts or first impressions you may have, both on the design or on the photographs themselves.  Feedback always very welcome and much appreciated… I’ll be using this Blog section for news updates, exhibitions etc over the coming weeks/months, so do check back every now and then to see what’s going on… I might also surprise myself by publishing some photography related thoughts every now and then, and then again I might not… Anyway, you have been warned… Thanks very much for looking, and hope you enjoy the work.  Good luck everyone!
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