ICM Photography Magazine

Now then. Delighted to say I’m one of the featured photographers in the 2nd Issue of ICM Photography Magazine (@icmphotomag), which is (as the title suggests) the brand new web-based ICM Photography Magagazine, launched in June of this year by @stephjohnphoto.

ICM stands for Intentional Camera Movement, and is the process of wobbling your camera around whilst taking a photograph, something I’ve been doing intentionally for the best part of ten years or so now (and unintentionally since I first got a Kodak Instamatic in 1972 ).

The Second Issue is now live, and is crammed full of 172 pages of photographs, features, profiles, and some really solid technical advice, so do drop by and have a look as and when you have a moment: the website is at www.icmphotomag.com.

I’m slated to be a regular contributor for future editions (am currently writing a piece for December), which I’m really looking forward to, so watch this space…

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